AHEAD International Education is one of the 5 Agencies in the Philippines recognized by the education New Zealand | Giving you a Step AHEAD across the Globe!
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AHEAD International Education is one of the 5 Agencies in the Philippines recognized by the education New Zealand

12 Mar AHEAD International Education is one of the 5 Agencies in the Philippines recognized by the education New Zealand

Yes! You read that right. Out of the 26 licensed agencies in the Philippines, only 5 have been awarded with a recognition and strong partnership with the Education New Zealand (ENZ), a governing body whose primary role is to market New Zealand as one of the best education destinations, especially for international students.

Ahead International Education is one of the 5 agencies considered as Education New Zealand Recognized Agent (ENZRA), who has a strong partnership with ENZ.

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Always ON

ENZ aims to grow NZ’s international education export industry to achieve its target of doubling its current value of NZD 2.5 billion by 2025. To realize this, ENZ – backed up with research and marketing programmes – collaborates with education partners in many countries, including the Philippines. Together with Ahead International Education and four other partner agencies in the Philippines, ENZ launched its first digital marketing campaign called “Always On”.

Last January 28, 2015, ENZ and its partner agencies (ENZRA) formally discussed the latest marketing campaign that ENZ came up with. It is set to kick in this February 2015. The campaign does not have an end date so it will effectively be “Always On”. The objective of the “Always On’’ digital marketing campaign is to reach out to more prospective students (like you!), including their parents, through thewww.studyinnewzealand.com website. Prospective students from the Philippines will now be able to enjoy an exclusive landing page (or home page) in the said website. Aside from this, you will also be able to get more information about studying in New Zealand right away based on your specific needs through other helpful pages such as sector-specific page (e.g. different education institutions depending on your location preference) and programme-specific pages (e.g. Engineering, IT or Nursing). Furthermore, if you require more detailed information, you may input some of your personal details like your name, e-mail address, phone number, region (Philippine location), and area of study, and an ENZRA (including Ahead International Education) agent will provide you with more information.

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As we receive your personal details, you can be assured that we would contact you right away for further assessment. Nonetheless, if you are too excited about the details of studying in New Zealand and can’t wait to get started, you may also contact us right away for your questions byclicking this link, or through our website or our FB page. Awesome sauce! It’s just like calling a cab in the comforts of your home (or mall, or wherever) without having to line-up through your GrabTaxi mobile application; only in this case, you are grabbing Ahead International Education for our services without even leaving your seat! If that is not a fast, reliable, and easy service, then I don’t know what else to call it!Since the kick-off of Always On digital marketing campaign, Ahead International Education has received a lot of inquiries already. We are committed, more than ever, to bring our best services to you, our prospective students, as we strengthen our partnership with ENZ and work together with our co-ENZRA.

2015 is a Great Year for You!

If you are considering studying in New Zealand, now is the best time to do so!

We already have a connection with Education New Zealand; we are strengthening our relationships with New Zealand education institutions/schools so we can offer you more choices for schools in different locations and a lot more programmes and courses as well. We are also increasing our manpower and improving our IT systems just so we can accommodate all of your needs. With the help of Ahead New Zealand, we are refining our post-departure services so we would be able to cater to you even after you leave for New Zealand to study and work. So what else are you waiting for? Jump in! Join the bandwagon.

Click on this link to get started!

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