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Becoming The Next Animator for Future “Lord of the Rings”

17 Oct Becoming The Next Animator for Future “Lord of the Rings”


Disney animator for “Timon and Pumba”. All credits to Disney.


Disney animator for “The Sleeping Beauty”. All credits to Disney.


Digital animation. Spymate animator from Mr. X, Inc.

As a kid from the 90’s, I’ve grown up to watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. I remember this one cartoon series that I look forward to seeing during the weekends – The Flying House. This series was about three kids (a girl and two boys) who discover a house by the woods owned by a scientist and his companion, a robot. This scientist introduced the kids to his greatest invention, a time machine. The kids got to travel back in time, witness and participate in numerous scenes from the Bible’s New Testament. I don’t know what really got me hooked in this series. It was probably that I can relate to the kids (being a kid myself back then), or the fascination over a flying house, or that the series depicted famous Bible stories in such a manner that kids can easily relate to it.

These cartoons, or animation, go way back in the 1960’s. Flying House is the colored version of the animation but back then we were all used to and very familiar with – Mickey Mouse. Here is a sample of a short animation by the legendary animator Walt Disney.

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