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Did you know?

07 Nov Did you know?

We get it. Investing for the future, including getting really good education for yourself, can be really expensive. But who says you won’t be able to earn while you’re studying?

In New Zealand, Student Visa holders enrolled in a full-time programme may work up to 20 hours per week during the year, and full-time during all scheduled vacations and/or during the summer vacation period.

Come to think of it: immigration requires every student to have NZ$15,000 per year as their living allowance. Every student should have this amount settled even before a student pays the tuition fee and NZ issues the visa. But why do you think they still require each student to have this living cost allowance? It is for the purpose of making sure that every international student is not worried about finding employment to receive weekly wages in order to pay for accommodation and food. So if you’re the type who want to just focus on your studies while in New Zealand, no pressure! Your living cost allowance covers for this. Are you the type who would want to earn a little extra while studying? By all means! You may do that as well.

So if you’re thinking about working while studying, it’s important for you to know your work rights. The work rights for international students is giving each student the opportunity to gain kiwi (local) work experience and obtain skills and knowledge from the multi-cultural workplace – while earning weekly gives extra funds for your savings or for other purposes.

Working while studying is not just about bringing food to the table. It’s also about gaining as much work experience that you need while you are still studying. Not too long down the road, you will eventually graduate and would want to find yourself a stable job. Most companies in New Zealand would require for you to have related qualifications and work experience. Instead of starting from scratch upon graduation, you will realize all those part-time jobs you did while you were still studying had all paid off, as you become a confident and determined professional advancing in your career. You are a step ahead from competitors, bringing with you all the experiences you have achieved. Indeed, learning not only happens inside the classrooms, and working while studying will give you as much learning experience that you need in New Zealand!

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