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Give Yourself A Chance…

20 Sep Give Yourself A Chance…

Do you know how others did it?

It seems we rely too much on what other people say. But is that enough reason why we should not try? We find many discouraging comments about living in New Zealand is very hard, and you do not have the right qualification to back you up, finding a job is so difficult, or there is no opportunities at all but is that it? Would you rather listen to what they say and just do nothing?

But why do we see new FB post about their success in NZ from time to time? How come they say it’s challenging and others able to stay and settle in NZ?

Remember, we all are different and situations varies. They have different stories to tell. Others have exciting education experience!

One should realise the risk over lifetime opportunities!

Do you need to gain a new qualification? Do you want to learn English? Do you want to enrol in a Bachelor Degree or Postgraduate programmes? Or do you want to find out how to be a Registered Nurse in New Zealand?

Meet us online, and our Free Online Consultation will give you a right direction towards your career goal and your future.

Here’s how Cassey did it.

Cassey De Castro, Postgraduate Diploma student in Auckland

Cassey Photo testimonyI am Cassey De Castro, and I am from the Philippines. I first came to know about Ahead International Education in 2014 from a good friend of mine who was then based in Singapore. We took the online assessment in 2014. During that year, I did not have enough funds yet to proceed with the visa application so, I kept the dream of going to New Zealand aside.

In early 2016, while my partner and I were discussing our current situation and plans, we have recalled the previous assessment we had with Ahead International Education. At that moment, I immediately sent an e-mail to Ms. Cris to inform her that we are finally ready to proceed. When we had the chance to speak to Ms. Cris again that moment, we realized how much time did we lose because of setting aside our dream for almost two years. We were distracted with achieving short-term goals. With that said, I do not mean that going after your short-term goals (e.g., buying a car, etc.,) is wrong, however, it will always be better not to forget about your long-term goals and ensure that your short-term goals are always in line with it. Then, we came to the realization that achieving your biggest dreams is always possible, but sometimes, we are the ones who delay it.

Ahead International Education, Ms. Cris, and Ms. Gladice were there for my partner and me throughout the journey – from qualification assessment, shortlisting of the best schools in New Zealand, completion of documents, visa processing until arrival in New Zealand.

It was such an incredible journey, and I was surprised about the speed of the visa processing as well. It was so quick that I could not believe that I finally have arrived in New Zealand, and it has been two weeks since that day (15th August 2016).

I would like to send my sincere thanks to Ms. Cris and Ms. Gladice who have been very helpful. Achieving this dream would not have been possible if not because of your guidance. I recommend Ahead International Education to my friends and family because of such a fantastic service my partner and I received.

To those whose dreams include living in New Zealand, please make that dream a goal by putting a target date on it and put your best effort to make it happen. You have an amazing people here to help you out if you need guidance and assistance towards achieving it. It is now up to you whether you want to make it happen now or later.

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