Immigration Advice : Giving You A Step Ahead In International Education
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Immigration Advice

Throughout life, everyone has always been looking for a safe way to live, study or work. Especially if one is thinking of moving to another country to study and work abroad, he or she will consider how safe the living conditions of that new place is. If you are one of those having this aspiration to work abroad and study in international schools, you would want to look at New Zealand as a top choice destination for its safety – among many other reasons. Forbes lists it as no. 3 in the “World’s Most Peaceful Countries” higher than its neighbour and close ally Australia, and even writes that it “continually ranks as the best country on the planet.”

It is no surprise that New Zealand (NZ) has consistently been making it on the Safest/Most Peaceful Countries lists for years. It has incredibly low crime rates, stable politics, and high respect for human rights and freedom. Its government is adamant, and its thriving economy allows it to welcome migrants and expats to study, work and even settle in the country.

It is not only the government that is welcoming but the New Zealanders, or Kiwis, are very welcoming and friendly to newcomers and minorities who are staying temporarily or permanently. They are hospitable and open to provide you with a very healthy and thriving environment.

You might be wondering why AHEAD is doing what it is doing. It is for the simple reason of YOU and letting you turn your aspirations into reality, especially abroad. We are that voice in your head that tells you to go AHEAD and make those dreams happen.

We are symbolised by light in the darkness – those fears of travelling abroad and looking for a way study and work in a different place from your land of origin shunned away by genuine guidance. What drives you, whether it be to look for greener pastures, or find excitement in a new environment or culture – AHEAD will be your guide to making your path clearer to getting to that new destination, and possibly a place you could call home.

Most of them thought their future abroad was uncertain and that they would have challenges in getting student and working visas, starting a career elsewhere, but it wasn’t so with AHEAD. They were indeed welcomed like family, traveled around the beautiful landscapes, gained friendships, and started building their promising careers in New Zealand has become home to them!

New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisers has been granted a Full Licence to operate as an Immigration Adviser under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.  Immigration Advisers below will provide comprehensive and reasonable service in accordance with the Immigration Advisers Authority Code of Conduct.

Lynn Niland
Licence Number (IAA No:200902257)
For any immigration advice, please email us at
Sophia Cheng
Licence Number (IAA No:200901737)
For any immigration advice, please email us at
Kiera XU
Licensed Immigration Adviser (IAA No: 201200465)
For any immigration advice, please email us at