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IT Student Finishes One-Year Course; Now on His Way towards Residency

09 Feb IT Student Finishes One-Year Course; Now on His Way towards Residency

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Shir Jeffrey Enriquez, a Filipino studying in New Zealand, is about to finish his year-long course this 2016.

Shir, as he is fondly called by his family and friends, is excited to finally be able to finish his Level 7 Diploma in Computing at New Zealand School of Education (NZSE) – Manukau Branch. “The course is all about servers, Cisco routers, LAN/WAN connections, and a lot more,” says Shir. Landing on this particular course and school was a product of thorough school and course matching done by Ahead International Education, and Shir’s trusted education partner in the Philippines. His educational background and work experience were brought into consideration until both Shir and AIE have agreed on a particular school and course choice. His school and course worked out well, and it was a perfect choice indeed, as he can apply all of his knowledge from NZSE by currently working in New Zealand as an IT professional. “Initially, I just wanted to complete my course as this will be additional credentials that I can use when I apply for a job back home. But since I was able to see and experience the Kiwi life, I decided to stay here and pursue my career as an IT professional. As the IT field is booming here in NZ, there will be a lot of opportunities for an IT career.

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On Studying Abroad

Shir was a former overseas worker in the United Arab Emirates for four years before he moved back to the Philippines in 2009. “I was having a difficult time to find work back in the PH after working abroad. When potential employers knew about my experience abroad, they had second thoughts on hiring me. Fortunately, I was able to work in different call centers and was exposed in customer service and technical support roles. These led me to the IT field eventually. At 30, I decided to broaden my knowledge in the IT field by studying abroad.”

“I chose New Zealand as my study destination because I learned that it’s one of the friendliest and most peaceful countries in the world. NZ always makes it to the top 10 of the friendliest and peaceful countries in world surveys,” says Shir. “Now that I’ve been here for a year, I can say that I do not regret my decision of choosing NZ. I noticed people here value the time you spend with your family. I also observed that companies here are family-oriented which is an advantage for me since I plan to bring my family here in the future. Everyone is equal here. The government gives equal opportunities, and there is no racial or age discrimination.”

Shir also enjoys studying in New Zealand. For him, it is a big advantage to obtain an international education. “The level of education here in NZ is very high, and tutors make sure that every student understands the lessons. The classroom setting here is very different than that of what we have back home, where students in 1 section are 30-40. Here, they limit it to 15-20 students per class. This will enable the students and tutor to interact more and will give the tutor all the time s/he needs to micro manage his students.

Ahead International Education as Education Partner

As soon as Shir decided to pursue his studies in New Zealand, he immediately looked for someone who will be able to help him realize his dream. It was a good thing that his partner’s cousin recommended Ahead International Education (AIE), one of the five accredited educational consultancies by Education New Zealand here in the Philippines. He went to AIE’s office for an initial consultation and was able to learn a lot about New Zealand’s culture, the study pathway, the whole process of obtaining a student visa, and a lot more. This information helped Shir decide to continue with his studies in New Zealand.

“I was completely satisfied with the services of AHEAD. They are very helpful and supportive when I was still processing everything back home. It was a hassle free experience; the transition was so fast that within a month I was already flying to NZ. Even up to this point that my studies are over, they are still helpful and supportive,” says Shir.

One advantage of obtaining the service of an education partner is that a partner is an expert in the field and is more knowledgeable when it comes to the process and rules of the immigration. They make sure we follow and provide all the documents required. I would recommend AIE to my family and friends who would want to study and work in New Zealand.

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On Moving Forward

Now that Shir is almost done with his studies, he is looking forward to obtaining his Post Study/Job Search Visa. He is also very positive that his education prepared him well to succeed in his career as an IT professional. “Once I get settled here, I would like to bring my partner/wife Elaine (33), and my son, Zeki (3) here in New Zealand with me. As I pursue my IT career, I would like for them to be by my side every step of the way. If blessed, then we can get Permanent Residency here in the future.”


New Zealand is open for international students.

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