Kick off your 2015 by sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions! (Visit New Zealand should be on top of your list!) | Giving you a Step AHEAD across the Globe!
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Kick off your 2015 by sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions! (Visit New Zealand should be on top of your list!)

28 Jan Kick off your 2015 by sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions! (Visit New Zealand should be on top of your list!)


Happy New Year, friend!

Since it’s the start of a fresh year, it’s high-time for life assessments and analysis and in creating resolutions and year goals. For many of us, “to be more financially responsible” and “to lose the holiday weight” are among those resolutions (guilty!). Let us help you create your life goals with a few tips and suggestions:

  1. Avoid making big and emotional decisions. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against big and emotional decisions. After all, it’s New Year. People are bound to reminisce about their past year, what they did with it, and look forward to the New Year wishing it would be better / they could make it better / they can be better. But those late-night realizations and spur-of-the-moment decisions are the reasons as to why our New Year’s resolutions don’t work. We make big, emotional, and unattainable decisions at the start of the year without follow-through. One effective way to make these resolutions work is to follow them up with small decisions every day. It’s like eating a big chunk of meat: the only way you will be able to finish eating is by cutting it into small chunks then chewing it. Chew down your resolutions!
  2. Take baby steps. This is probably the most important connection that you can make to your big, emotional decisions. It is having those “Aha!” moments and knowing exactly how you will be able to get there. Instead of just wanting to “lose weight” as your New Year’s resolution, why not include baby steps as to how this can be achievable? Give precise, exact, measurable actions to achieve your goal. Why not include “lessen rice intake” and “walk 500 steps daily” in your resolution? Remember, big meat, small chunks. new-year-resolution
  3. Don’t just include them in your to-do list, schedule them. You heard (read) it right. Fix your schedule. Writing your to-do list is like an unwritten agreement with yourself that you won’t do it. That is probably the reason as to why to-do lists are so stressful – because the moment you wrote it down, it’s mentally nagging you to do them, but you already know you won’t, so it just keeps on nagging and nagging. The answer to that is to allot a specific time in your day that you would give your whole and undivided attention to a specific task / resolution. Commit to your baby step of “walking 500 steps daily from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM”. Oh I know what you’re going to say, “But things just keep on coming up and I had to do them, too.” Have I been living under a rock? Of course, I know that life happens. Then you have to schedule these unplanned errands as well. That way, you will be able to accomplish your resolutions every day, and accomplish more, too. Hey there, productivity. High five.
  4. Write them down. People are visual. There is 70% more recall and retaining to memory something that you have written down than to something that you just store in your head. So to make your resolutions official, write them down. Also, when you write them down and you place them somewhere that is visible to you all the time, then you will always be reminded by what you wrote down. Besides, writing them has a ring of finality to it, don’t you think?
  5. Forgive yourself. I know they say you should aim for the moon, so when you don’t make it there, you will at least have the stars as a fallback. Poor stars. It’s like saying they are only second best. But, kidding aside, it is no secret that we are humans, and we fall short of what we commit to all the time. When that time comes, forgive yourself, start from box 1 and move on. Do not give up just like that when you fall short. Stand up and start again. And start right away. Start again now, not next year. Do not recycle your resolutions.
  6. Take it easy. “To save a million” is a pretty big feat, the “woah, take it easy” kind of resolution, given you only have a year to achieve it (because that’s the whole point of having a New Year’s resolution, right? Having something to achieve WITHIN THE YEAR?) To be able to make this more reasonable, attainable, and realistic, start with something small and give yourself a deadline. For example, you can start with saving P50 first for the first 2 months, you know, until you get the hang of it and you’ve developed a habit of saving. Then eventually save P100 a day, until you reach a point where you can save bigger amount each day. Work with small things first. P200 a day for the whole year. Maybe you can also adjust your deadline depending on your capability. If you can save P150 a day, then you’d need at least 2 years to be able to achieve your ultimate goal of “to save a million”. Unless, of course, if you have other sources of income to fill that cost.
  7. Find support. The reason why a lot of people’s resolution of “to lose weight” is always back-firing is because they do not have people to support that resolution. Having people support you 100% will make your resolution easier to achieve, trust me. They will be the ones to remind you that you committed to “not eating rice”, and they will be the ones who will take Zumba classes with you, just so these classes will not feel like a task but a fun activity with friends.
  8. A better you. When making resolutions, always ask the question “Why? Why do I want to lose 20 pounds in 5 months? Why do I want to have a car by October? Why do I need to quit smoking by March?” I know some resolutions will result to a lot of answers than others, but they should have a common, resounding answer: to create a better version of yourself. This is the whole point of having resolutions anyway. Nobody wants to be the bad version of who you were a year ago.

Part of creating a better you is not only cutting off your bad habits, it’s also about investing in yourself. Learn a new skill. Try a new hobby. Enroll in a night class. Get out there and have some fun! These resolutions are for you, anyway. At least make the most out of them.

Remember, the best gift and goal that you can give yourself is education. Pursue your passion. Study what you’ve always wanted to learn. Be globally competitive. Earn an international degree. What best way to do that than to have a New Zealand diploma?

Think about it.

If you happen to include “study and work in New Zealand” in your New Year’s resolution this 2015, then we’re the best support to help you with that. Let’s tackle that goal right away, shall we? Email us and start realizing your dreams.

Good luck with your resolutions, my friend!


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