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Long and unfamiliar roads of Christchurch, New Zealand

10 Oct Long and unfamiliar roads of Christchurch, New Zealand


Are we ready to move from learning to living and doing?  We often live our wildest dream and carried away by their enchanting feeling or ideas and hope that someday our dream will come true.  We have to do our part, making a small step in achieving what we want is significant to our success.  It is okay to ask, and it is okay to have a second thought but don’t let your worries stop you from making your future.  Living and doing things are critical in getting your stuffs done.

Would it be the sweetest achievement if you were not challenged?

Would Ahead International Education be here if we didn’t think some people would need their help?

As Vanessa shares her journey…

I was once an audience of some people I follow about their success in coming to New Zealand. Some are already working and permanently living in New Zealand, and some have just gone to study.

12938354_10204455389463952_349162284641686275_nMy personal journey started when I found out that my best friend has moved to NZ to study. We were both in the same nursing background, and this gave me more determination to know the best pathway after considering my few years experience in the nursing field.

I have done my research, checked online, interviewed my best friend and some friends, and lastly, went to two different agencies for some information. Both companies gave me entirely different and contradicting information on the programme and the type of institution, and one had even described the education provider like “La Salle” in New Zealand and I will receive a free laptop (which I don’t need and for sure is also included in the fees), I will get a job once I landed in NZ and will get my Permanent Residency after I study. I am sure you already can guess which education agent I went to fully trust and assist me all the way to experience New Zealand.   I seek guidance and avoided obvious misleading promotion.  I know I can do it on my own, but it is my decision to entrust the processing to Ahead International Education because they will work on my application with sincerity, efficiency, knowledge and experience while I focus on my job, family and compile all the documents I need to submit.

After I landed in New Zealand, of course, I breathe deeply of their fresh air and can’t believe that I am finally here and watch her beauty.  I am blessed that I was guided to choose the right people, who up to now, I am grateful for that everything went according to my plan.  Ahead International Education became my anchor in the most important part of my foundation in New Zealand.  They have guided me in the right direction, very genuine in their words and action and became my superb friends in New Zealand.  Looking back on my application process while I was in my hometown, Negros Occidental and Ms Gladice have step-by-step walked me through with my application, I found her very professional.  While in New Zealand, I was welcomed and have invited me in one of the gatherings along with other students and alumni of Ahead.  Some of them were already successfully transitioned to Permanent Residents and had shared their experiences.  I know I have real friends at Ahead International Education.

I have written this testimony because, in one way or another, this will answer some questions, or will give you some insights if you are thinking of a study pathway to NZ.  I am waiting to submit my expression of interest for Permanent Residency, I hope I will meet the criteria to apply.

If you think it is easy, it is not, for me.  Huge challenges, a lot of uncertainties even if you have all the right start in New Zealand because every success will depend on us.  I remember walking in the long unknown roads of Christchurch when I moved from Auckland to f13934736_10205093973948165_678189740778493080_nind a job after I completed my course.  Sure I did challenge myself to do whatever it takes.  Long, unfamiliar roads but with a significant smell of fresh air brushing to my face while walking and praying that someone will receive me and look at my CV and interview me.  It is indeed hard work, a great amount of determination and patience to experience what I enjoy today.  It is beyond my imagination of how much I thank God that I found a job, got converted to a work visa and most of all, able to apply for Permanent Residency.

When it’s your turn to decide and apply in New Zealand, you will need to prepare yourself, emotionally, mentally and of course, financially.   It will be okay, ask the right people and condition yourself to success.


Vanessa Tellano

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