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New Zealand can be the greener pasture for some but not all

21 Sep New Zealand can be the greener pasture for some but not all

What is the right thing to do?  Is it to try or not by not risking your money, your time, your life?  No one can say or guarantee a good life in New Zealand (or other countries).  We don’t even want you to be in an awkward situation or see you getting frustrated because you are not finding your ways in New Zealand. Great stories are not always common for newcomers in the country.  There are many challenges, a lot of changes, requires steady persistence and strong determination and highest of all is your prayer and faith in God.

What can we promise?  We cannot promise anything and do not guarantee anything!  What can we do to make it happen?  We put you in the right direction and guide you in this journey properly.   We need to ensure that we do and say genuinely from our passion for helping change lives.  We always live by our existence, and that is to bring awareness that you also have a chance to be in a safe and beautiful country to study, work and live in New Zealand.  We have experienced through our own and the people who have gone through the same journey.

Every client we helped is our utmost priority, in our mind and heart.  We only want them to be successful in their endeavors. We help,  assist, adhere to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, and we support them as they start their exploration and new experience.  In this journey, each of them will follow a path that will bring them their result.  Our prayers go to them all the way!

As what Howard say,  New Zealand can be the greener pasture for some but not all, which speaks truly in every aspect of our journey.  Follow what is good, follow what is God’s message to the center of your heart and follow the plan to achieve your goal in life.

Here’s what Howard has to say.

My name is Howard Lim.  It has been my dream to move out of the Philippines sin^D36055B900F5B97BF90E0982BD096B120A98C932F63DF54146^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrce I graduated way back in 1997.  I have a business and tutorial career going for me until last year.  Income is good, but the prospect of living life outside of the Philippines excite me. I had my sight on a different country for the past ten years.  I waited, but I got the sad news last June of 2015.  A few days later, my sister, suggested New Zealand.  However, I do not know anything about the country at all except they drive on the left side of the road on the right side of the car.

My sister introduced Cris Raducu to me, and I get to know a glimpse of New Zealand. Honestly, New Zealand can be the greener pasture for some but not all.  I say some because not all who came to New Zealand got residency and live life happily ever after.  The reason why some made it because they got an honest evaluation and right information.  Sure, you can skip consultancy and save some money or go for a cheap consultancy that does not tell you the whole story.  Those were the people who struggled here in New Zealand because they got ill advise or no advise at all.  Eventually, they were sent back to their home country.  They failed in the most crucial part of the process which is to get the best possible helpful information from trusted individuals who cares about your future from the very beginning.

It took me two months from the time I first spoke with Cris until I finally signed ^A5EAE235CA1FF27320239596088054F2AAF685296BAB165A99^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrup Ahead International Education as my consultant and representative.  Cris and Gladice of Ahead Philippines, are very patient to explain and lay out the student pathway for me to make it here in New Zealand despite all of my questions and hesitations. The process has its highs and lows.  It was not a smooth sailing as some wou^E9C51E6EB3CF173DE1A5D10CAE644F59FE865CBEC21A453CF6^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrld promise.  There will be heartaches and joy, but rest assured you are in good hands.

Ahead International Education will be honest with your assessment if you are qualified and ready for the challenging new life in New Zealand.  My family and I had a smooth transition into New Zealand because Ahead adequately prepares us from consultation, evaluation, all the way to document preparation and processing.

My story in New Zealand is still a process in the making.  It’s been eight months already, and I am about to complete my Post Graduate Qualification in Business Administration (which is one of the many processes). If this is the track that you decided to take, make sure you are coming to study (heck, you paid a huge sum for it, why not get the most out of it). Remember, it is part of the process, and there is no short cut.  Stick to the process and you will make it here in New Zealand, like how others did.

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