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New Zealand Immigration

It’s no wonder that New Zealand has earned a reputation for creativity. This is the nation that brought to life the film fantasy worlds of Narnia, Middle Earth and Avatar’s Pandora. Students from around the globe are flocking south to this little country with a hugely successful design and arts sector, and learning how to launch their own creative careers.

New Zealand is a land of awe-inspiring landscapes, rugged mountains, active volcanoes, rolling green pastures, and rare wildlife. But it isn’t just the tourists who enjoy the spectacular scenery that New Zealand has to offer; these unique features also get put to good use by students to further their experience and knowledge of a huge range of subjects, including some you may not have thought about before.

New Zealand is famous for being an adventure-lover’s playground. The rugged but accessible landscape makes it a must-do for hikers, mountaineers, kayakers, surfers, skiers, mountain bikers, and of course bungy jumpers! For some, the great recreational activities in New Zealand are just a bonus of studying here. For others, the recreational activities are a key element in their studies.

New Zealand’s eight universities, 20 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics and dozens of private training providers around the country offer many practical courses which often include the opportunity to get valuable work experience as part of their programs. This gives students skills that just can’t be learned in the classroom.

The small population of New Zealand also means that class sizes tend to be smaller, allowing students more personal attention from lecturers and tutors. The small classes, along with an emphasis on discussion and participation in class, mean that students from overseas get to know their classmates quickly and make friends easily. Leisure time is important to New Zealanders, so students are likely to have a lot of fun while they’re in the country. That balance of great education and memorable experiences is what makes New Zealand such a popular place to study.

Studying in New Zealand, whether for a few months or a few years, is an experience that international students treasure for the rest of their lives. You may get your hands a bit dirty, but you’ll also get a chance to participate in practical training and research to help launch your career.

Top quality education

A New Zealand education provides internationally recognised qualifications to all students, with the quality of our programmes is second to none. Our Government has a commitment to making sure that all students in New Zealand, regardless of where they are from get the best education that is available. A central body quality assures all of New Zealand’s education programmes, from secondary education curriculum and examinations through to private vocational training courses.

All institutions must meet high standards for both academic quality and pastoral care. New Zealand was the first country to develop and implement a compulsory Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of all enrolled international students.

Work hard, play hard

New Zealand’s not all about hard work, we’re also an active and lively nation. Whether you want to experience the bright lights of our dynamic cities, or meander through the slower paced, but equally exciting, towns; whether you are into fashion, food or learning more about the iconic “Kiwi” culture, those who make the trip here know that New Zealand is where you can find it all.