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Study in New Zealand with Ahead International Education Services

If you’ve ever thought of studying abroad but not sure where, the beautiful Pacific islands of New Zealand should definitely be at the top of your choices. You could study in New Zealand international school and work  and enjoy while doing so. The nation is popular for its remarkable landscapes and is an exceptional research or study environment.

Moving to another country to find greener pastures can require a lot of thinking and anxiety considering all the new changes you have to adapt to, whether it be the people and culture, or to the environment you will be living in. If you are planning to study and work in New Zealand and are in need of assistance, the services of Ahead International Education will answer for you. That’s what we’re here for.

Ahead International Education is an agency that grants access to opportunities to study in university, institute of technology, polytechnic, college, secondary and primary school education with a strategic approach that will cater to your personality or needs. We always have the students take part in the decision process and ensure their bright future to reach their goals. In addition to that, we assist them in their employment whether they need to work part time while studying or full time after they finish their education. We are partnered synergistically with top-notch institutions and we aid in building long-term collaboration and integration for international education and employment.

Ahead International Education provides services that will assist students and educational institutions alike who have endeavors to take a leading place in the competitive international education environment.  As a result, New Zealand produces leading graduates who can secure their place in the worldwide arena with prestige and confidence. New Zealand offers the finest of both worlds: the sophistication and enjoyment of a cosmopolitan country blended with a relaxed way of living.


Why Should You Study and Work in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a renowned track record for its quality education. This stunning recreational paradise in the South Pacific has ended up being a preferred study and work destination for numerous global students due to the following reasons:

  1. Safety and Stability: If you are new to a place, you would really be concerned with how safe you will be and how stable the living conditions are. This nation of just over 4 million individuals is one of the safest countries on this earth with high quality living and a modern way of life. Crime rates here is incredibly low in comparison to America and Europe. The New Zealand government is extremely stable with its thriving economy and the citizens are inviting to brand-new cultures and expats.
  2. High-quality Educational System: The New Zealand education programs and degrees are based upon the world’s most acknowledged and recognised educational British System without the very same expenditure. New Zealand certifications are of a high quality and have a reputation around the globe for being practical, contemporary and in demand. All courses, credentials and programs offered by New Zealand organisations are quality ensured by the New Zealand government. Employers around the globe highly acknowledge New Zealand-produced credentials and graduates.
  3. Work and Study at the same time: You have the opportunity to work while studying with your chosen degree. Earning while studying the course you want whether it be English, Business, or IT, is something that most students in New Zealand as a supplement to their financial needs. Students with a student visa can work to 20 hours per week throughout term and 40 hours (full-time) throughout vacation. Ahead International offers a student program to help you get employed.
  4. Competitive and Reasonable Costs for High Value: New Zealand provides very budget friendly tuition compared to many other nations around the world. Competitive tuition fees coupled with a low cost of living represents a good value for your money and that is what you will find here.
  5. The People: International students are highly appreciated in New Zealand and you will definitely feel most welcome. New Zealand has a vibrant and harmonious multicultural society. Kiwis are welcoming and hospitable and are opening their doors to provide you warm and friendly environments. They are well travelled, with a genuine interest in people from other cultures around the world, so visitors and international students alike quickly feel at home on their first visit to the country.
  6. Leisure Heaven: There are so many activities and adventures you do in your spare time. One of the much known attributes New Zealand is commendable for is it has a very beautiful landscape and chances to go to its great outdoors provides you with a lot of memories to treasure. You get to travel to lush and various landscapes from rugged mountains to the sandy beaches. Its spectacular scenery sets it apart from the remainder of the world.
  7. Opportunity for Permanent Residency and Continued Education: If you complete your course effectively, you are eligible to get a 12-month ‘Work Permit under the student visa policy. If you desire to get a New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR), then you have to secure a job (with which AHEAD will assist you) that is relevant to the course that you’ve completed. With this opportunity, you have the chance to recover a majority of the costs you have paid and end up with a global experience which will come in handy if you opt to return to your home country. However, if you want to study further, then you end up being eligible for research or study loans from the government. You may opt to continue to work as much as you like while pursuing your additional studies after Permanent Residency.

All courses, certifications and programs offered by Ahead International Education are quality assured by the New Zealand government. Major employers around the world recognize AIE’s qualifications and employ its graduates.

Given this special arsenal of top quality education and services, why not become a leading student in New Zealand through Ahead International Education? Contact us for more information.