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Testimonial Video

You may wonder how those who have successfully transitioned to work and study abroad have done it.

For those who have done so with AHEAD’s guidance, they understand how you feel now as they have gone through the exact thoughts you are experiencing now and took the courage to pursue this path.

Here they pay it forward and show you how Ahead International Education has paved the way for them smoothly and securely throughout this journey.

Not only do we help others to win, but we help others to inspire others as well. Check out the videos below for testimonials from our dear students and clients who found a family with Ahead and successfully transitioned into a new and better life through Ahead International Education by studying and working in New Zealand.

It is our hope that these videos push you to make that step further ahead and chase your dreams here.

Gunnar Neumann

I am from Germany, came to New Zealand to study in a beautiful place and become independent.

Quing Ma

I am studying Diploma in International Tourism.  New Zealand is very friendly.  The education system is very good

Roderigo Walter

We have many options outside school, playing rugby, cricket.  It’s not difficult to make friends in New Zealand, it’s quite easy.

Masanao Ouchi

New Zealand is a good place to be.  I did some surfing, brisk walking and pretty much all sports.  I came here to study English.

Mark Anthony

I am in New Zealand because of my brother and I owe this to him.  He encouraged me and I am now enjoying the beauty of this country.  A place where I want to settle in the future

Jooerg Hauber

If you want to improve English, if you want to live a very active life, if you want to have great experiences and create very nice relationships… then come to New Zealand!