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United Kingdom Immigration

The United Kingdom has four countries. These are: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each country has its own identity and language. Although English is the primary language in the United Kingdom, other languagesare Welsh, Irish, Ulster Scots, Cornwall, Scotland and Scottish Gaelic.

In United Kingdom, you will experience four seasons, which are: winter, spring, summer and autumn. The temperature varies depending on the season, but usually not beyond 32 degrees Celsius, and rarely falls below -5 degrees Celsius. It gets dark by 10pm during the summer and 16 hours during the winter.

Britain is a cosmopolitan place to live because it is home to people from many different ethnic backgrounds. About 8% of the UK population consists of ethnic minorities who migrated around the world. Although most people are Christian, many other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism are practiced. The multicultural influence led to the availability of international cuisine in the UK and has a great impact on music, art, sports, science and literature.

The UK benefits the people of the old historic architecture in the picturesque and bustling seaside resorts and superb natural attractions. The spectacular scenery in the UK consists of stunning views of the spectacular cliffs along the coast, lakes and rivers and beautiful valleys and stunning mountains.

Student Culture: Fun & Exciting

Students in the UK have the opportunity to explore throughout the UK at low cost, and who are eligible for discounted travel. A few highlights include the Edinburgh Festival and Glastonbury Festival. There are many options for students who are interested in art and cultures, as the United Kingdom, have more than 2,000 museums and galleries, with free entry for many. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy major sporting events held on weekends and a wide range of sporting activities are taking place on campus.

Why study in United Kingdom?

A qualification in the UK is recognized and respected in the world. There are over 450,000 international students from around the world are studying in England. These ambassadors of education in the UK return home after their studies and move on to a successful career. UK graduates are in high demand of large companies in the world.

There are thousands of courses covering hundreds of topics in many different combinations, and so students are able to find exactly what they need. A wide range of courses is also a counterweight to a variety of institutions, which provide students with a wide range of studies to find the most suitable environment for them.

A clear advantage that the British education system is the fact that most of the duration of an honours degree course is 3 years and the Masters courses is 1-2 years. Due to the shorter period, students can save taxes and cost of living, and also as an advantage, they will be able to enter work life right after they graduated.

International Student Support

United Kingdom has been welcoming international students from over 100 countries for generations. It has one of the world’s lowest drop-out due to a support system in place for international students. This includes an office dedicated international companies of international students, planned social activities, academic support and a personal tutor.