Who We Are | Giving you a Step AHEAD across the Globe!
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Who We Are

Team members share and build upon the same passion that brought about the existence of the organisation.  Ahead International Education responds to the needs of the market place with a high level of commitment to provide expert advice, support and solutions with the appropriate level of cultural intelligence and global mindset. We focus on providing superior services to aspiring students to enable them to strive towards achievement based on the right study pathway and country option. We are able and strive to guide, assist and mentor prospective students with their journey. Our continuing and increasing passion towards our activities is the key to success for each one of our prospective student.

We aim to guide each prospective student through the myriad of choices and decisions that they will need to make in their educational journey. We work with them to embrace great new opportunities available through international education and training. Ahead International Education drive for collaborative activities with potential education and training partners focuses on strategically aligning to the marketplace requirements.

We strive to understand each country market and its characteristics. Passion brought about the existence of Ahead International Education and this passion is still a driving force behind us at Ahead International Education.

Our Objective

AHEAD International Education is an advocate of International education, delivering across the nations the value of relevant education, academic excellence, global competitiveness and International Studies.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in providing access to relevant education, academic excellence, global competitiveness and International Studies.

Our Mission

To Students

To give access to quality education, world class facilities and Internationally-recognized qualifications.

To Schools

To represent academic Institutions in various markets and assist in Internationalization of programs and institutions, achieving International excellence in teaching and research, and attracting the best students domestically and abroad.